Gilda 2,00
Anchovies from Santoña 2,50u
Smoked sardine 3,75u
Artisan cheese 4,50
Sausage and dry blood sausage from Ontinyent 6,00
Ajoarriero 6,00
Pickled mussels 9,00
Scallops in sauce 7,00


Roasted vegetables 8,00
Mushrooms 6,50
Chard with strimp 8,00
Seafood salad 7,50
Potato with alioli & spicy sauce 6,50
Cod croquette 2,50u
Tuna ratatoille croquette 3,50u
Meat pork ratatoille 8,00
Blood with onion 7,00
Lamb sweetbreads 9,00
Meat pork and liver with spices 3,00
Meat pork, liver, foie 3,50
Meat pork, liver and saussage cream 3,25
Cuttlefish with mayonnaise 10,00
Grilled cuttlefish 14,00
Little cuttlefish grilled 10,00
Little squid fried 9,00
Ragout of eel 12,00

To share

Valencian tomato with tuna belly 12,00
Valencian artisan cheese platter 15,00
Iberian Ham 18,00
Scramble eggs with beans and sausages 12,00
Prawn with garlic, sobrasada and egg 15,00
Iberian pork filet with garlic potatoes 15,00
Iberian pork cheeks in sauce 18,00


Horchata toast 6,00
Grandma cake 6,00
Cazalla chocolates 1,20u
Coca with toasted yolk 5,00
Pumpkin and chocolate cake 6,00